Sha Mamun, Ph.D.

Statistical Analyst

Dr. Mamun is a Statistical Analyst with the Connecticut Safety Research Center (CTSRC) at the University of Connecticut (UConn). Before joining this position, Dr. Mamun was working as a Postdoctoral Associate and Instructor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UConn. He earned his PhD (2014) in Transportation Engineering with a concentration on public transit systems and transit network optimization from UConn. For the last three years, Dr. Mamun has been involved in various projects on developing models for crash prediction and assessing crash severity applicable across all road types, facilitating better across-the-board comparisons of highway safety. He has also been working on evaluation and improvement of pedestrian safety at intersections and midblock locations. His research interests include statistical modeling, highway safety, pedestrian safety, public transportation systems, and network performance optimization.


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