NE Autonomous Vehicle Summit

ne av summit 2017

The focus of this forum was to educate policy makers and Departments of Transportation from Delaware to Maine on the potential impacts and requirements that these new vehicles will require. The first day consisted of national experts who were invited to present on a wide range of topics concerning autonomous vehicles and the potential safety and policy impacts.  The second day was devoted to small state workgroups to identify safety and policy issues they will face and then develop potential action items for when they return home.

Presentations focused on what is known today about autonomous vehicles, nationally and afar; touched on psychological impacts and implications, the potential benefits of autonomous vehicles on traffic operations and safety, what we are doing in Connecticut today, the challenge of building readiness with our academic partners as well as our local and regional partners.

Questions we hoped were answered for the Transportation side of the world included: what does any of this mean for our infrastructure, future planning, design needs, maintenance, and safety? How does it tilt the model of access, mobility & freight movement? How does a Town, a State, and region as well as academia work together to delve into these new potential opportunities? What does it mean financially? How do we bring the Northeast to the front of the line in understanding the impacts of this technology?

Click on the below link for a copy of the event’s agenda.

2017 A.V. Summit Conference Agenda FINAL

Speaker Presentations & Videos

Eric Jackson, Ph.D

Director – Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center

University of Connecticut

Workshop Topics of Discussion  AV Workshop


Dr. Parasara Sridhar Duggirala

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Connecticut



Cathy Rossi

Vice President of Public and Government Affairs

AAA Mid-Atlantic

Cathy+Rossi+CT+PPT (1)


Art Shulman

Executive Director

Global Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

GAVP Sponsorship-Partner Deck with Animation Gray


Jim Hedlund


Highway Safety North

Hedlund presentation


David Kidd

Senior Research Scientist

Insurance Institute of Highway Safety



C. William Kingsland

Assistant Commissioner

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

NJ – The CAV Puzzle – Final


Dr. Chris Gerdes

Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics and Astronautics

Stanford University

Northeast AV Summit Gerdes


Peter Calcaterra

Transportation Planner

Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)

Peter C Federal Automated Vehicles Policy – Model State Guidelines AV Conference Calcaterra FINAL VERSION


Jason Post

Director of Public Policy and Communications


For more information contact:
Eric Jackson, Ph.D. 
Associate Research Professor
Director, Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center
Connecticut Transportation Institute 
(860) 486-8426